Project Description



The mechanical probe is the standard touch probe, available with different sphere diameter.HARD PROBE
Points can be taken touching the part and pushing the button on board the arm’s wrist.
The smallest usable probe diameter is 1mm to guarantee the point accuracy (smaller probes can bend and easily lose point precision confidence)

 (the mechanical probe for 6 axes arms)

TOUCH TRIGGER (electronic) – Renishaw LP2


The touch trigger probe allow to acquire points applying the minimum force on the measured part.Space Scan 6
Is a very precise, quick and comfortable in use, acquires points only touching the surface, without triggering buttons.
Available with many different stylus length and sphere diameters.
Touch trigger probe head offered is produced by Renishaw, model LP2


FLOATING Probe (Tomelleri Engineering patent)

space_tubo9Is the revolutionary new concept probe designed by Tomelleri Engineering. space8

It is a rigid mechanical probe suspended on a spring driven by an aluminum ring that triggers the probe with a simple touch.
The integrated force control avoid to apply uncontrolled load on the part, improving accuracy and repeatability.
The control ring is isolated from the probe stylus to avoid thermal impact from the hands of the user.


space_tubo6Ideal accessory for the rapid measurement without direct contact with the pipe.space5

5 forks size are available (mm):
30mm, 50mm, 80mm, 150mm, 200mm

The smaller forks feature with a laser pointer to spot small pipes during the measure.
Pipes from 2mm to 180mm of diameter can be measured with the use of laser forks, larger diameters can be measured with the touch probe.

All the available probes fits the same mechanical mount of the standard SPACE version and are interchangeable.

The precision mount is extremely repeatable and allow to switch from one probe to another without recalibration.